Along with political and economic reforms, Myanmar opens up to more foreign investments, and lays a position for a sustainable and high economic growth. McKinsey’s 2013 report stated that Myanmar is expected to quadruple its GDP by 2030, and An International Monetary Fund (IMF) report published in 2012 highlighted that the country could become “the next economic frontier in Asia”. Myanmar has promising ground for strong economic development due to its rich natural resources, strategic geography and abundance of workforce. Given these dimensions, the government and the private sector require more skilled human resources with proper qualification in order to keep up with the global trend. Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most pursued qualifications in Myanmar and majority of students need to self-finance for MBA qualification from globally-recognized awarding bodies.

Telenor MBA Scholarship Program is specifically designed to fulfill the country’s need for human capital growth through proper experience and certification. By collaborating with Myanmar Metropolitan College which affiliates with University of Business and International Studies, Switzerland, Telenor Myanmar offers full scholarship to highly talented students pursuing Master of Business Administration specialized in Telecom and ICT Management.

The Program is open to public and aims to

  •     ● Equip the students with practical and up-to-date knowledge and skills, relevant to the telecom industry and Myanmar economy, by Telenor senior experts who have had several years of experience in various markets or countries besides regular MBA courses
  •     ● Provide MBA in Strategic ICT Management certificate in addition to general MBA certificate from foreign affiliated university.
  •     ● Create shared valued as an enabler for human resource growth for telecommunication industry and Myanmar economy

Start – 2018
Planned End – 2021
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