Dr.Elizabeth Furio Pereze

Dr. Elizabeth Furio Perez

Academic Head

Dr. Elizabeth Furio Perez is an Academic Head with almost 30 years’ experience in the area of financial management, human resource management and entrepreneurship in the Philippines, Vietnam and UAE.

She holds degrees in Doctor in Business Administration major in Management, Master in Business Administration major in Accounting and Management, and Bachelor in Banking and Finance in the Philippines. Likewise, she obtained a Post-graduate Diploma in International Financial management, and Post-graduate Certificate in Managing Performance through Organizational Culture in The Netherlands. She was also granted a sponsorship by the World Bank Institute in Paris, France to join the global training in Monetary Policy and International Trade.

She was actively involved in the curriculum design, instruction materials development, implementation and evaluation of business prospectus. She established linkages with various industrial partners for training placements in the Philippines, Vietnam and UAE.

In addition, she spearheaded the development of Business Affairs Department in a state university in the Philippines that created several micro-enterprises as institutional income generation projects. She was involved in the policymaking and implementation of the microenterprises operations.

Outside the academe services, Dr. Perez is actively involved in an NGO that provides educational support to the children of urban poor families in the Philippines.

Dr. Perez was an active project initiator/ implementer for various community projects and social services in the Philippines, Vietnam, UAE and Denmark.