U Sai Oo

U Sai Oo

Guest Lecturer

U Sai Oo has over ten years of teaching experience and has been with MMC since May, 2013. He graduated with a B.A (English) from Dagon University in 2003 and has been working as an English teacher since 2004 because of his enthusiasm for teaching. Moreover, during his time as a university student, he has begun working as a part-time teacher at a number of educational institutions and organizations.

After gaining his post-graduate degree, an M.A (TEFL), in 2006, he taught at several secondary schools in Thailand. Following six years in Thailand, he came back to Myanmar because of his strong desire to contribute to the development of the education sector in Myanmar.

Given his combined local and international experience in the field of teaching English language, MMC has appointed him as a full-time lecturer to teach English.

U Sai Oo sees himself as just a simple English language teacher who wants to teach what others don’t know regarding English language. He enjoys his life as long as he is with students and has opportunities to pursue his teaching career. He sees life as brimming with a lot of things to learn. In this spirit of a lifelong learner, he always hopes to learn something he doesn’t know from others- sometimes even from his students.